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Hygea Tea History

Growing up as a child when I became sick my grandmother would make a home remedy from lemon and honey. The combination of lemon and honey taste great and would make us feel even better. Now that I have children of my own; I still use my grandmothers’ remedy. Since times have changed and colds have gotten a lot tougher; I began to research the medicinal purposes of herbs: garlic and ginger.


These two herbs garlic and ginger have the greatest effect, but I had one problem. – How do I get my kids to eat these herbs? I had an amazing idea and solution of how to get my children to eat the herbs and enjoy the herbs. The herbs garlic and ginger are not only healthy, but have a magnitude of great nutritional value and benefit. I simply combined my grandmother’s recipe of garlic and ginger and my family and friends loved it. Your family and friends will love Hygea Tea as well! Toast to Health 100% Natural.


Origin of Hygea Name

Hygea is the Greek goddess of health. She is associated with the prevention of sickness and maintaining cleanliness. The word hygiene comes from the word Hygea. Hygiene means the preservation of good health and healthy living. We live in one of the most advanced countries where we tend to take our health for granted; why wait until we loose our health to become more health conscious.


Hygea Tea

Toast To Health 100% Natural